• Insullation class of preinsulated pipes Wehotherm Standard
    Wehotherm Standard pre-insulated pipes

    The Wehotherm Standard pre-insulated steel pipe system with rigid PUR insulating foam blown with cyclopentane and available in sizes from DN 20 to DN 1200 has low heat losses and high temperature resistance up to + 142 °C.

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  • Quality and certification
    Quality supported by international certifications

    As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we do our best to ensure the highest quality of our products and services, as evidenced by international certificates for pre-insulated pipes Euroheat & Power, Fernwärme-Forschungsinstitut and FW603 / FW605 for joints.

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  • Specialised Professional Services and Consultancy
    Specialised Professional Services and Consultancy

    Our professional team of designers and assembly workers provide full support in designing, planning and implementing large projects. Our services include consultancy and training, as well as strength calculations, installation plans, the assembly of joints and hot tapping.

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  • Wide range of pre-insulated pipes
    Wide range of pre-insulated pipes

    Discover the wide range of Uponor Infra Fintherm pre-insulated pipes with insulating polyurethane foam suitable for various applications. We can provide appropriate material and technical solutions based on specific requirements.

    Range of pre-insulated pipes

Uponor Infra Fintherm – manufacturer and supplier of pre-insulated pipes

Uponor Infra Fintherm a.s. is the largest manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe systems in the Czech Republic and a major supplier to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Netherlands, Serbia and other countries. Uponor Infra Fintherm pre-insulated pipe systems are primarily designed for district heating and district cooling, and district hot water networks, but can be also used in sewerage systems and the transport of industrial media. Uponor Infra Fintherm is part of the Uponor Infra Group which delivers sophisticated solutions in the form of complex pipeline infrastructures across Europe, North America and Asia.



Uponor Infra Fintherm offers reliable solutions for pre-insulated pipe systems

Standard pre-insulated pipes from Uponor Infra Fintherm are primarily intended for district heating , though they are increasingly used for district cooling as well. Special pre-insulated systems, designed and tailored to specific requirements, form a class of their own, as their area of use is considerably more extensive.


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